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The four alliance of Sun Moon Lake Sightseeing
Circle Heart of Taiwan (Puli, Ren’ai, Guosing, Yuchih)
Jiji Railroad (Sinyi, Jiji, Shueili, Tianjhong, Ershui)
Zhongxing Culture Creative (Nantou City, Caotun, Mingjian, Jhongliao)
Taiji Splendor Land (Jhushan, Lugu)

Heart of Taiwan

  • Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival

    Event: Every September

    The largest historic event at Sun Moon Lake attracts tens of thousands of swimming enthusiasts from all over to gather at Sun Moon Lake's Chaowu Pier to participate in this grand event. The entire distance is approximately 3,000 meters, and the event has turned into a festive carnival for thousands of people to swim here and achieve the great feat of swimming across Sun Moon Lake.

  • Sun Moon Lake Music & Fireworks Festival

    Event: Every October to November

    With "Art and Culture as the focus, and Fireworks as the supplement" as its theme, the large-scale art performances combined with dazzling fireworks, banquet of music and fireworks at the idyllic natural landscape creates an artistic atmosphere that is unique to Sun Moon Lake.

  • Guoxing Coffee Festival

    Event: Every July

    This is a coffee party in Guoxing, which consists a coffee market, tons of events, group performances, sharing and exchange sessions about coffee roasting, and spreading green. The entire township has nearly 200 hectares of coffee farmland and is the only certified coffee production in the country . The township has the highest output and produces the best coffee in Taiwan, and is the coffee served to foreign guests during state banquets.

  • Nantou's Guoxing Township's Chenggong Contest

    Event: Every November

    Incorporating Hakka elements of "Working hard to plow the mountains and fields" to carry forward the Hakka blue-collar spirit, the best way for people to experience Guoxing Township's culture is to participate in the Chenggong Contest. The winner of the Chenggong Contest is blessed by Koxinga, and is also a winner for seizing success. People from all parts of the country are welcome to come to Guoxing Township to participate in the Chenggong Contest.

    Photo Authorization: Guoxing Township Office

  • Sun Moon Lake Fireflies Season

    Festival Time: April to May every year

    Sun Moon Lake is rich in ecological resources, low light pollution, and low pollution quality ecological environment, very suitable for fireflies to grow. Every year, late spring and early summer is the firefly season in the Sun Moon Lake area. Visitors can enjoy the flying romantic scenery of the fireflies in the starry sky. In addition to the night of beautiful fireflies flying, there are also in-depth tours launched by the local associations during the daytime such as: shrimp and fish eco-exploration, handmade food DIY, etc. The tour will provide you with special guides to learn about the natural ecology and humanistic characteristics of Sun Moon Lake and experience new ways to appreciate the firefly lights, observe the stars, explore the ecology, and play with the indigenous tribes!

  • Puli Forest Light Festival

    Festival Time: Every year during the Lantern Festival

    The most unique Lantern Festival in the mountain town is the Puli Forest Lantern Festival. Combining Puli's mountains, water, and ecology with the five Puli visions of "Town of Mountains, Village of Water, Capital of Flowers, Town of Arts, and City of Health," five themed lantern districts are designed, and visitors can stroll along the forest paths to enjoy the dreamy reflections of the lanterns in the water, and experience a unique lantern festival in the forests of the mountain town.

Jiji Railroad

  • Jiji Roots Music Festival

    Event: Every April

    The Roots Music Festival held by the Camphor House mainly features music of the Hakkanese, Taiwanese, and Indigenous Peoples. People that come here to take part in the township's events can hopefully enjoy the symphonic harmony of music and nature while taking in the story of the Roots, and also truly appreciate the cutural imagery of Jiji found in the historically and culturally significant architecture.

    Photo authorization: Jiji Roots Music Festival FaceBook Fan Page

  • Tianzhong Marathon Taiwan's Rice Heaven

    Event: Every November

    A small town marathon with a strong Taiwanese warmth as the townsfolk enthusiastically cheer on the seven thousand marathon runners, making it an event loved by international and domestic athletes. The event has created local business opportunities and for young people to return home, and has also resulted in cycling trips, farming experience sessions to successfully transform the small farm town into the hometown of Taiwanese runners.

    Photo Authorization: Shukang Lohas Sports Association / Changhua Marathon Association

  • Black Mud Field Deep Experience Promotion

    Event: Every June

    The "Black Mud Field Tug-of-War Competition" held every June and invites singers such as The Village Armed Youth Band to perform, and also collaborates with local development associations in Changhua to organize Revitalization Fairs to sell and exhibit local industry products and culture.

    Photo authorization: Yuan Quan Community Development Association

  • International Ershui Water Marathon

    Event: Every November

    The unique water canal festival in Taiwan celebrates the completion of the Babao Canal in 1719 as the Canal channeled waters from the the Zhuoshui River to nourish the Changhua Plain. The Water Marathon is held at the historically and culturally significant Canal not only to exhibit perseverance, but also to promote the virtue of gratitude.

    Photo Authorization: Shukang Lohas Sports Association / Changhua Marathon Association

Zhongxing Culture Creative

  • Chung Hsing New Village Maraton

    Event: Every May to June

    Zhongxing New Village used to be the seat of the provincial government. Now things have changed, it has become a veteran community with a breath of history and humanities. Nowadays, it has injected many innovative, cultural and creative elements, including road running activities to promote local recreation. If you want to understand the new and the old, the beauty and the extraordinary, and feel the humanity of this land with your feet, welcome to the Zhongxing New Village to learn about this land with vitality.

    Photo Authorization: Lohas Photo House

  • Nantou Global Tea Expo

    Event: Every November

    The Nantou Global Tea Expo has been held for more than ten years, and has been committed to promoting tea culture. Domestic and foreign visitors flock to the Expo to experience it. The venue has a tea life application hall, tea ware and exhibition sale, and gourmet area. Hurry and come immerse in this tea-filled celebration.

Taiji Splendor Land

  • Zhushan Lantern Festival

    Event: Every January to February

    As the first lantern festival in Taiwan with bamboo art as its main theme and using installation art made out of woven bamboo, the Festival fully exhibits the skills of the local traditional culture. The skillful weaving of the craftsmen, and life and elegance of the bamboo is put into every piece of exquisitely crafted artwork.

  • The Birthday of Kaizhang Shengwang

    Event: Every Chinese lunar calendar February

    The Kaishan Temple enshrines Zhuang Kaishan Gong and during the Jiaqing and Daoguang Eras of the Qing Dynasty, an ancestor (name unknown) worked hard to develop the land at Dashuiku, teach the people how to plant, teach ethics, to give and sacrifice. After the ancestor's death, the people celebrated his deeds by building the Kaishan Temple to worship the ancestor. Every year during Kaishan Shengwang's Birthday, people from all over the country make a pilgrimage to the Temple. The Temple prepares "turtle sticky rice cake" to bless people with safety, prosperity, and have their wishes fulfilled.

    Photo Authorization: Yong Lung Kaishan Temple Facebook fan page