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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route (Reservations required)

Certain shifts of the Sun Moon Lake Route shuttles are installed with Barrier-Free access equipment (with lifting mechanism), and each shuttle has two accessible seats. 4 shuttles run everyday(Departing from Taichung Gancheng: 08:00, 14:20;Departing from Xiangshan Visitor Center: 11:30; Departing from Sun Moon Lake: 11:40, 17:40). Reservation is required. Service number:049-2984031#18
Barrier-Free Bus stops with extra space for accessible lift:Taichung Gancheng Station, HSR Taichung Station, Puli Visitor Center, Puli,Yuchi, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake, and Xiangshan Visitor Center(some buses only).

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Checheng Route (Reservations required)

Reservation is required . Service number:049-2984031#18
Barrier-Free Bus stops with extra space for accessible lift:Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake, Xiangshan Visitor Center, and Checheng.

Sun Moon Lake Shuttle Yachts (Reservations required)

Sun Moon Lake Holy Love Camp Barrier-free Yachts,Service number:0925-150202.
Sun Moon Lake Zhanan Salian Cruise Limited, Service number:049-2856438.
Harbor Yacht Center, Service number:049-2855656
Oriental Yacht, Service number:0955-433650
Yachts stops:Shuishe Pier, Xyuanguang Wharf, Ita Thao Wharf.

Xiangshan Bike Trail

A single trip is about 3.4km. The scenery en route: Shuishe Dam, Yongjie and Tongxin Bridges, Wedding Plaza, and Xiangshan Visitor Center.

Sun Moon Lake Round-The-Lake Bus

Only Step-entrance buses are used for the lake tours.Service number:049-2856879.
Driving Route:Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake→Zhushiwei(Huanhu Road Intersection)→Fleur de Chine Hotel→Wenwu Temple→Songbolun Trail→Dazhuhu Tail→Shuiwatou Trail→Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station→Ita Thao→Tutingzai trail→Xuanzang Temple→Ci'en Pagoda→Xuanguang Temple
More Information:Nantou Bus

Sun Moon Lake Cable Car

Ropeway stations are installed with an accessibility ramp, elevator, and toilet. Wheelchairs can be directly moved into ropeways.
Service number:049-2850666.