Sun Moon Lake Taiwan Tourist Shuttle E-bus

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route is divided into path A, B, C, D, E.and F. Click on "Route Map" for more information.

Please be awared that the route A, C, and D which via Puli Township will take 20-30 minutes longer than the direct route.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Checheng Route connects Sun Moon Lake with Checheng, please click on "Route Map" for more information.

Visitors should pay attention to the bus route or contact Nantou Bus Service on 049-2984031 for assistance.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Alishan Route
The Sun Moon Lake Alishan Route runs on the New Zhongheng Highway, connecting Sun Moon Lake and Alishan. It stops at Xinyi, Tataka and other stations along the way. For detailed information, click on "Route Map" to learn more.

(1.) For combo package pass holders or card users, please make reservations at least 2 days prior to your journey.

(2.) Limited seating is available for each trip. Once reservation capacity is reached, further bookings will not be accepted. Kindly make reservations in advance.

(3.) Reservation Information:

◆ Reservation Period: bookings can be made from 2 months before the travel date up to 2 days prior.

◆ Reservation Hotline:049-2770041

◆ Reservation

How to use:

  1. 1. Enter the boarding station.(6670 Sun Moon Lake Route or 6671 Checheng Route)
  2. 2. Choose the Departure or Return box (6670 Sun Moon Lake Route Departure: Taichung→Sun Moon Lake, 6670 Sun Moon Lake Route Return: Sun Moon Lake→Taichung Direction, 6671 Checheng Route Departure: Sun Moon Lake→Checheng, 6671 Checheng Route Return: Checheng→Sun Moon Lake) Click for inquiry.
  3. ※Please select Taichung Station When you are at Taichung Gancheng Station.Please select TRA Taichung Station(Minzu Rd. Intersection) When you are at Taichung Railway Station.
  4. 3. The search result should show 6670 (via National freeway 6) bus route or 6671 Chechng bus route along with the bus status, including station entry time/not departed/last bus departed.
  5. 4. Confirm your route and select to view the bus status of that particular route.
  6. 5. Journey time refers to the estimated time required from the selected starting station to the ending station. The estimated time is only for reference. The journey time may vary on weekends and holidays or due to traffic jams. The actual time needed shall depend on the situation.

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