Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Sun Moon Lake Route

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Sun Moon Lake is located in the center of Taiwan. The ever-changing beauty
of the mountains and lake, native cultures, and bicycle routes are globally renowned.
Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route, driving is not an essential practice.
Without looking for directions, the attractions are connected with the shuttle bus
that allows visitors to enjoy the fun at Sun Moon Lake with ease!

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle
Sun Moon Lake Route

Beautiful mountains and lakes, native cultures, and bicycle routes are surprisingly well known across the world at Sun Moon Lake. By connecting diverse industries in Puli Town and religious cultural sites, the shuttle bus route starts from Taichung Gancheng Station and extends all the way to Sun Moon Lake. The stops include main transportation hubs, such as Taichung Railway Station, HSR Taichung Station, and Taichung Airport. Also, the bus stops at many must visit attrations, such as Puli Winery, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Taomi Paper Dome, Antique Assam Tea Farm, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, and Xiangshan Visitor Center. Visitors may enjoy an in-depth experience trip of both the natural environment and cultural industries of Sun Moon Lake in a single visit.

After arriving at Sun Moon Lake, visitors may transfer to round the lake bus, boat cruise, or rented bicycle. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, visitors can travel with convenient connective transportations to various locations, including Checheng, Xitou, and Alishan. Enjoy the wonderful mountains and lakes of Taiwan and its rich cultural customs.

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the attractions along the way

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Package Information

One ticket takes you to a 3D trip of
water, land, and air at Sun Moon Lake

The Sun Moon Lake Pass is consists of tickets for the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Sun Moon Lake Route, boat cruise, ropeway, Round-the-Lake Bus, bicycle rental, and Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village entry. Visitors can enjoy all the transportations Fare at a discount along with many benefits on your trip!