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Walking Map

Sun Moon Lake Route / Checheng Route

There are several hidden routes for hikers at each scenic spot of the Sun Moon Lake Route& Checheng Route.
Follow the directions of the walking map to explore more fascinating spots!

Chung Tai Chan Monastery&Chung Tai World Museum:

‧Now here→Chung Tai Chan Monastery:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here→Chung Tai World Museum:A 6-minute walk

Puli Station:

‧Now here→Puli Township Office:A 6-minute walk

‧Now here→Puli Land Office:A 6-minute walk

‧Now here→Puli Household Registration Office:A 6-minute walk

Puli Brewery:

‧Now here→Puli Brewery:A 1-minute walk

‧Now here→Puli Land Office:A 15-minute walk

‧Now here→Puli Household Registration Office:A 15-minute walk

New Era Sculpture Park:

‧ Now here→New Era Sculpture Park:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→The Muh Sheng Museum of Entomology:A 8-minute walk

‧ Now here→Xingling Temple:A 9-minute walk

National Chi Nan University(Staff Single Dormitory):

‧Now here→National Chi Nan University Library:A 8-minute walk

‧Now here→Xiangnan hiking route:A 7-minute walk

Taomikeng(Paper Dome):

‧Now here→Tao Mi Eco-Villiage:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here→Paper Dome:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here→Tao Yuan Elementary School:A 10-minute walk


‧Now here→Seshui Kiln:A 13-minute walk

Taiwan Adventist College:

‧Now here→Taiwan Adventist Academy:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here→Taiwan Adventist College:A 8-minute walk


‧Now here→Yuchi Agricultural Cooperative:A 2-minute walk

‧Now here→Yuchi Library:A 3-minute walk

Antique Assam Tea Farm:

‧Now here→Antique Assam Tea Farm:A 4-minute walk

‧Now here→Qin Shou Kiln:A 7-minute walk

‧Now here→Qi-Shi Xuan-Ji Conming Temple:A 8-minute walk

Sun Moon Lake:

‧Boat Boarding Spot:Shuishe Pier,Xyuanguang Wharf,Ita Thao Wharf

‧Bike Rental Spot:Shuishe,Sun Moon Lake

‧Round-The Lake Bus Stop:Shuishe, Sun Moon Lake,Wenwu Temple,Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station,Youth Activity Center,Ita Thao Wharf,Xuanzang Temple,Xyuanguang Wharf

‧Cable Car Station:Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Station,Sun Moon Lake Cable Car Station

‧Now here→Giant Bike Rental (Sun Moon Lake station):A 2-minute walk

‧Now here→Shuishe Pier:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here→Plum Lotus Garden:A 5-minute walk

‧Now here→Longfeng Temple:A 8-minute walk

Xiangshan Visitor Center:

‧Now here→Xiangshan Visitor Center:A 2-minute walk

‧Now here→Huisun Coffee:A 3-minute walk

‧Now here→Merida Xiangshan Bike Rental Plaza :A 3-minute walk

‧Now here→Tongxin Bridge:A 10-minute walk

Checheng Route

Every station along the Checheng Route offers hidden surprises, simply follow the instructions on the map to discover fun and interesting things!

Xiangshan Visitor Center:

‧ Now here→→Xiangshan Visitor Center:A 2-minute walk

‧ Now here→Huisun Coffee:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→Merida Xiangshan Bike Rental Plaza :A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→Tongxin Bridge:A 10-minute walk

Toushe Elementary School:

‧ Now here→Toushe Reservoir Ecological Trail:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→Toushe Reservoir:A 4-minute walk

Toushe Police Substation:

‧ Now here→Toushe Living Basin Agritourism Area:A 7-minute walk

Sun Moon Lake Characteristic Study Center:

‧ Now here→Sun Moon Lake Characteristic Study Center:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→Guanyin Temple:A 4-minute walk


‧ Now here→Shuili Combined Logistics Command Guest House:A 4-minute walk

Snake Kiln:

‧ Now here→Snake Kiln:A 3-minute walk.


‧ Now here→Checheng Winery:A 7-minute walk

‧ Now here→Checheng Wood Industry Exhibition Hall:A 7-minute walk

‧ Now here→Timber Storage Pond:A 7-minute walk

‧ Now here→The Grove Taiwan:A 4-minute walk

‧ Now here→Checheng Station:A 3-minute walk

‧ Now here→Checheng Visitor Center:A 1-minute walk